Sports connecting peoples!

    Despite the fact that there are 8,000 sportive games and indigenous sports games, according to World Encyclopedia Sports (2003), globally, only 1/8 billion people have sports licenses of the CIO federations. Why not everyone? And why not all practice a sports activity? 25% of the world's population are children who practice more or less at least once a week organized sports. Why do not they continue when they become adults.
    Our plan is to organize multiple small sized level competitions for you and your friends. Why not make that always games with your friends more challenging and occasionally win prizes. We plan on organizing such events, but also on providing you with discounts at hotels/restaurants, and taking care of your overall health by feeding you with the right resources to stay fit. All you have to do is create an account.
    At Global Hub Sports we aim to build a community for everyone:

    INDIVIDUALS: We aim to facilitate all you need to know about sports. Not only you won't need to search for so many different sources. Now you can stick to only one, learn & share world class practice. But also, find places to practice, join open sessions, find cheaper alternatives to stay healthy.

    PROFFESIONALS: Maybe you are a professional and want to SHARE YOUR PASSION. Our hubs offers you the possibility to do this and by tapping into our community, you can find passionate people to teach.

    BUSINESSES: Maybe you own a gym or a restaurant. As long as your business is related to the sports industry and can serve athletes, why not tap into our community? Add your business to our community for an increase market reach.

    PARRENTS: If you wish your children to be healthy is encouraged for him to practice sports. On our platform we offer you the possibility to find affordable sport activities and professionals near you! Maybe find a personal instructor from which he can learn. On our platform you can even find affordable instructors in all matters of sports.

    ELDERLY: Learn about longevity and if you are kind share some of your tricks with us. We offer you a place to make same age friends with who you can connect and practice together. But also, on occasions why not surprise the younger generations with the expertise you have. Teach them a lesson .